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Emporio Sirenuse Vecchio

Positano, Italy
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Completed, April 2023

Inspired by the incredible sea views from the Le Sirenuse hotel opposite the stores and impeccably curated creativity of the Emporio Sirenuse brand, Rosseel Studio took on the challenge of creating elegant, yet intimate spaces within the boutiques’ tiny footprint, capturing the welcoming spirit and understated style of the Sirenuse family in a spontaneous blend of classical and contemporary elements.

For the Men’s boutique, Rosseel deliberately differentiated the design and atmosphere, using a clean framework to create a sense of calm familiarity. The minimalist palette and slatted, modular shelving system in white lacquered wood allows the Suzani motifs of the brand’s signature Home Collection, colorful Haiwaiana shirts and swimwear to stand out, as well as providing flexible merchandising options. Distinctive blue tinted mirrors with milled frames inspired by a Camogli holiday home designed by Alberto Seassaro expand the dimension of the store, calling to the sea beyond while engaging the client by reflecting their presence within the interior. A sleek backlit glass display table and blue marble window display showcases the store’s extensive selection of blown Carlo Moretti glass, while the inclusion of Prince of Sun ceramics, signature brass finishes and the original chandeliers and tiled floors add subtle touches of creative charm, connecting the aesthetic to that of the Women’s boutique next door. As a testament to the brand’s focus on creative collaboration and desire to bring local traditions into the world of contemporary style, all custom millwork was mastercrafted by expert Italian craftsmen, while the lighting design was executed by Herve Descottes of L’Observatoire International.

Carla Paravicini Sersale expressed her delight with the transformation, stating:

“The restyling of our flagship stores is a celebration of elegance, tradition, and innovation. Rosseel Studio has masterfully captured the essence of our brand, creating spaces that blend classic and contemporary elements effortlessly. We are thrilled to invite our clients to experience these inspiring spaces as they host many exciting new season’s to come in Emporio Sirenuse.”

Client: Carla Paravicini Sersale, Emporio Sirenuse

Lighting Design by L'Observatoire International.

Ceramics by Prince of Sun.