I was born and raised in Antwerp, they say every Belgian is born with a brick in their stomach, which means we love to build, and that’s proven true for me. My parents designed and built our family home when I was 10 years old and I remember this vividly. From the architect meetings, to the cardboard models, to laying the first brick and relishing in the finishing touches. I find the process of creating space, molding light, and forming ambiances both fascinating and captivating.

The decision to pursue architecture was an obvious path for me. I began my career working in Paris, first at Manuelle Gautrand, then LAN Architecture where I was part of large-scale international projects, such as office buildings and residential developments. Eager to explore a smaller scale and a faster pace, I decided to turn to retail design as an in-house architect for Louis Vuitton, working on high-end luxury retail projects across the US and Asia.

This experience marked my shift from purely architecture to interiors. My next move was a literal one, to New York, where I took on the role of project manager and interior designer for the 15 Hudson Yards project with Rockwell Group. In 2017, with over 12 years of experience under my belt, and in love with New York, I launched Rosseel Studio.

Rosseel studio was founded with the core belief that every project, big or small, should be approached contextually, fueled by Anne-Sophie’s education as an architect. Each project is an opportunity to create an intentional environment that interacts with the architecture of the space and its user.

Our method includes an analysis of each space, its surroundings, the flow, the lighting, its desired use and the program. Based on this research we present a concept for both the layout and the design concept, respecting the given character or history of the space. Humbly reducing where possible, we look to reveal what’s inherently present. It’s an intuitive approach yet practical, layering the programmatic needs with the concept and ambiance to reflect the client's personality.

Rooted in Belgian minimalism, simplicity reigns supreme. We strive to create elegant spaces that feel playful, poetic, and purposeful. We consider this to be an exercise of balance and proportion, promoting the use of raw, natural materials, and high-quality craftsmanship, allowing the rich tapestry of detail to tell the story of the space.  Anne-Sophie’s Belgian connections and extensive background working in high end luxury projects provide us with a strong and unique network of craftsmen, manufacturers and vendors, some much sought-after resources.

With thorough experience in residential, retail and hospitality projects, we have collaborated with both private clients and large firms. Symbiotic relationships naturally evolve, with our clients goals becoming our goals. Nurturing these relationships is something that is held to the highest value.

Photo Credit: Pamela Berkovic